Why we started Formality

Current solutions were problematic

When organizing sports for children - as a parent - you are required to do one of the following to book sports:

In addition to this, the ability for parents to find local sport options for their children is challenging. As an example, we were supprised how many unadvertised pools existed locally that did swimming lessons to anyone in the public. They have operated through word of mouth; missing out on being found by more people.

The schools or clubs that we have seen either tend to pick a large enterprise software package with monthly fees (ie 100 USD per month kind of price bands); or use very manual processes which they manage themselves (costing considerable time instead). Our model however is about charging small fees to end users during payment (if they choose to pay online) to remove barriers for entry. If you were a teacher at a public school organizing sports then you don't have any financial hurdles to get through. Same if you are seasonal coach (such as a soccer coach only working through winter).

Organizing teams can be especially painful in that 20 people play 11 per team hockey requires a push to get a 2nd team; or to have only one team and limit it to say 14 people (ie 11 + 3 reserves). Team selection is a real pain point for parents; where sometimes your child might be in an incomplete team (depending on the sport) or missing out (without enough warning to give the option to recruit more players).

Communicating with children's parents is often by email or SMS which tend to be slower than modern ways of communicating with parents (and lack the online community feel; where open discussion is supported). This is sometimes due to coaches trying to keep students at their skill level or age group; preventing parents from booking the more convenient time (but wrong level).

A Parents View:

From our perspective as parents, we have noticed that:

Who we are:

We are busy parents with active children at kindergarten and primary school who like to be busy.

We have a wide range of experience around software; financial services, children and sports which gives us a unique eye and passion for sports enrollment.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower schools; sports clubs and extra curricular activity providers to:

We have noticed (through personal observation) that the children with higher physical activity levels appear to be strong academically (although science is yet to prove or disprove this)[2]. Research does however suggest that there are measurable psychological and emotional development benefits.

How we are different:

We aren't just another sports team app; our solutions are designed to be simple to use by joining together other tools that most people already use (like Spreadsheets, WhatsApp etc). This helps make it easier to onboard and use.

We don't charge reoccurring monthly fees which differentiates us from 99% of competitors. This is important as it can be hard to get permission to funds approved in certain organizations. We instead charge a small fee to those making the booking online (where the event is not free).