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  • Stripe Payments: card payment processor fee + 1% per transaction fee to the customer paying (minimum $1)
  • SSL encryption
  • No setup fees
  • All field types
  • API integration
    Google sheet output
    Ability to send emails
    Analytics (see where people fail to complete the form)
    Data visualization
  • Forms free to use

    Free up to 1000 form submissions or 1 GB of submission & image data


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Established businesses

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  • All of the Basic features
  • Up to 20,000 form submissions
    Up to 40 GB storage
  • Ability to publish PDF versions of forms (to support paper submission)
  • Custom domain name


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Ultimate offering
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  • All of the Growth features
    Custom submission and storage limits or limitless options
  • Ability to self host (via Docker)
    OAuth & SAML Federation
  • Special PII protections (e.g. ZK Proofs & advanced encryptions)
  • Highest priority support
  • Option for managed dedicated hosting (and custom SLAs)
    Custom development of new bespoke features

Compare us with competitors

We have made our free plan a strong option for small business owners or schools who need to quickly accept payment for registration (ie sports teams at a school; or a small seasonal coaching business).

We tend to be cheaper in our paid plans with more storage and features that our competitors. A good review of competitors can be found here:

New Features

If there are custom features you need in our product that don't yet exist; we might choose to implement them for you at no cost. Have a chat with us and we can advise on whether what you want or need falls in this category. We consider your success, our success.